Personal Information

Residence Attiki, GRE

Occupation Athlete

Languages English, Greek

License number 14031997002


World Cup-268
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2022-01-14Athènes (GREECE), 2020-03-06
Tashkent (UZBEKISTAN), 2023-02-10Alger (ALGERIA), 2022-11-10
Athènes (GREECE), 2023-03-03
Sint-Niklaas (BELGIUM), 2023-03-17
Alger (ALGERIA), 2023-11-09
Sint-Niklaas (BELGIUM), 2024-03-15
World Championship--22
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2019-07-17
Milan (ITALY), 2023-07-24
Zone Championships--11
Plovdiv (BULGARIA), 2023-06-18
Grand Prix11-2
Seoul (KOREA), 2023-04-28Orléans (FRANCE), 2021-11-12
Krakow (POLAND), 2023-06-27

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She took up fencing at age 12 in Athens, Greece, where she joined the AEK club. She also tried tennis and gymnastics at school.

Why this sport? She was persuaded to try the sport by Thanasis Delenikas, her future AEK and national team coach, who saw her potential when he gave a presentation on fencing to her school. "I can't say that I caught the fencing bug at a really young age, as fencing is a sport rooted in strategy and tactics, and that can be difficult for a child to grasp. What kept me going was the atmosphere and my coach, Thanasis, who always found ways for us to have a good time at training. Later on as I got to know the sport I became more and more intrigued, and then I really caught the fencing bug."

Club / Team AO Ariston Paianias: Athens, GRE

Name of coach Thanasis Delenikas [national]

Training Regime She trains at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, with the national team. Her training hours can vary from five to eight hours per day depending on how close she is to a competition.

Handedness Right

General Interest

Nicknames Dora (Instagram profile, 14 May 2024)

Hobbies Watching and playing volleyball, watching tennis, basketball and gymnastics. (blog.pbtfencing.com, 18 Feb 2021)

Memorable sporting achievement Winning silver in individual sabre at the 2021 Grand Prix event in Orleans, France, and claiming bronze in individual sabre at the 2019 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. (Instagram profile, 14 Nov 2021; maxmag.gr, 30 Aug 2019)

Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs "Before I take part in a competition I wear my lucky earrings." (blog.pbtfencing.com, 18 Feb 2021)

Sporting philosophy / motto "You always need to go that extra mile. Only then can you be competitive." (bwincares.gr, 17 May 2019)

Milestones She became the first Greek fencer to win a world championship medal when she claimed bronze in individual sabre at the 2019 edition in Budapest, Hungary. (SportsDeskOnline, 19 Apr 2021; agonasport.com, 22 Jul 2019)

Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (Instagram profile, 14 May 2024; hoc.gr, 20 Mar 2024)


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