QIAN Jiarui


Personal Information

Other names Qian Jianmei

Residence China

Occupation Athlete

Languages Mandarin

License number 30051992002


World Cup-213
Tunis (TUNISIA), 2019-05-10Foshan (CHINA), 2016-05-13
Salt Lake City (USA), 2019-12-13
Zone Championships-1-1
Bangkok (THAILAND), 2018-06-17

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing in 2003 in Taizhou, People's Republic of China.

Why this sport? She was identified by a coach from the local sports school because of her height and her talent.

Club / Team Jiangsu Province [CHN] / Nanjing Sport Institute [CHN]:

Name of coach Zhong Man [Jiangsu, national], CHN; Chen Feng [Jiangsu, national], CHN

Handedness Right

General Interest

Nicknames Cindy, Rae (Weibo profile, 09 Dec 2021, 19 Jan 2021)

Hobbies Drawing, watching movies, calligraphy. (sz.tznews.cn, 14 Sep 2018)

Most influential person in career Her mother, and her childhood coach Li Xiaosheng. (sz.tznews.cn, 14 Sep 2018; e.163.com, 19 Sep 2015)

Hero / Idol Chinese fencer Zhong Man. (sports.eastday.com, 20 Aug 2018)

Injuries An injury to her waist area meant she missed the 2016 National Championships in the People's Republic of China. (tznews.cn, 20 May 2016)

Awards and honours In 2017 she was named an Elite Athlete of International Class by the General Administration of Sport of China. (sport.gov.cn, 09 Feb 2017)

In 2010 she was named a Future Star of the Olympic Games by the Jiangsu Sports Bureau in the People's Republic of China. (jssports.gov.cn, 12 Apr 2011)


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