TOLDO Guilherme


Personal Information

Residence Italy

Occupation Armed Forces, Athlete

Languages English, Italian, Portuguese

Zone Championships-112
Toronto (CANADA), 2019-06-28San José (COSTA RICA), 2014-06-01
Copenhague (DENMARK), 2017-05-27

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He took up the sport at age eight in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Why this sport? His parents and his cousin encouraged him to join a fencing club. "I was already swimming, playing tennis and doing judo but I decided to try it. I did not realise it would become something so special."

Club / Team Gremio Nautico Uniao [BRA] / Frascatti Scherma [ITA]:

Name of coach Alexandre Teixeira [Gremio Nautico, national], BRA; Fabio Galli [Frascatti], ITA

Handedness Left

General Interest

Nicknames Pica-Pau [Woody Woodpecker]. (gnu.com.br, 12 Aug 2016)

Hobbies Spending time with friends, playing football and tennis. (cob.org.br, 01 Aug 2016; guilhermetoldo.com.br, 05 Jun 2018)

Memorable sporting achievement Qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games. (guilhermetoldo.com.br, 05 Jun 2018)

Hero / Idol US tennis player Andre Agassi, Brazilian tennis player Gustavo Kuerten, Italian fencer Andrea Baldini. (cob.org.br, 01 Aug 2016; guilhermetoldo.com.br, 05 Jun 2018)

Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs He listens to music before he competes. (guilhermetoldo.com.br, 05 Jun 2018)

Sporting philosophy / motto "Impossible is a matter of opinion." (cob.org.br, 01 Aug 2016)

Awards and honours He was named the 2011 Fencer of the Year by the Brazilian Olympic Committee [COB]. (terra.com.br, 19 Dec 2011)

Famous relatives His sister Ana Luiza is also a fencer who has represented Brazil in international competitions. (gnu.com.br, 23 Apr 2014; olimpiadatododia.com.br, 20 Jun 2018)

Ambitions To compete at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (Facebook page, 08 Jun 2018)


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