Personal Information

Family Partner Maria Marino

Residence Frascati, ITA

Occupation Athlete

Languages English, Spanish

Higher education Physical Education - National Institute of Physical Education [INEF]: Madrid, ESP

License number 26041992000


World Cup1-12
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2020-02-21Paris (FRANCE), 2023-01-12
World Championship--11
Wuxi (CHINA), 2018-07-21
Zone Championships--11
Montreux (SWITZERLAND), 2015-06-05
Terrassa (Barcelona) (SPAIN), 2017-02-04Zagreb (CROATIA), 2019-10-19
Barcelone (SPAIN), 2018-02-24Barcelone (SPAIN), 2022-10-29
Barcelone (SPAIN), 2018-10-27Timisoara (ROMANIA), 2023-09-23
Copenhague (DENMARK), 2019-10-05
Barcelone (SPAIN), 2019-10-26
Barcelone (SPAIN), 2023-10-28

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing in 2000 in Madrid, Spain.

Why this sport? He became interested in the sport after trying it during a physical education class. He chose foil due to the class schedule. "I liked it from the first day. I loved the fact of facing another person with a weapon, having to defend and touch him without being touched."

Club / Team Universidad Catolica de Murcia [ESP] / Sala de Armas de Madrid [ESP] / Frascati Scherma [ITA]:

Name of coach Fabio Galli [personal], ITA

Handedness Left

General Interest

Memorable sporting achievement Winning bronze in individual foil at the 2018 World Championships in Wuxi, People's Republic of China. (elpais.com, 19 Apr 2021)

Most influential person in career Coaches Fabio Galli and Jesus Esperanza. (marca.com, 31 Mar 2021)

Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs He arrives at the competition venue about two hours before his match and prepares his equipment. (Real Federacion Espanola de Esgrima YouTube channel, 22 Apr 2019)

Sporting philosophy / motto "Strength, explosiveness, passion, character, and consistency are characteristics that are needed to achieve success in fencing." (carlosllavadoresgrima.es, 19 May 2019)

Awards and honours In 2019 he was presented with the Bronze Medal of the Royal Sports Merit by the Spanish High Council of Sports. (boe.es, 19 Nov 2019)

Famous relatives His partner Maria Marino represented Spain in fencing at five editions of the world championships between 2015 and 2022. (SportsDeskOnline, 20 Jun 2023; relevo.com, 12 Mar 2023)

Other information MOVE TO ITALY
In 2015 he began training in Italy. "I wanted to train with the best athletes. Italy has more Olympic medals in fencing than in any other sport. There they are real professionals and it was a perfect opportunity to train with world medallists and be one of them myself one day. In Italy I have learned not to conform. In Spain to be among the top eight is a very good result but here you always want to be top three. They make me demand more of myself, and I am a hard worker who never gives up." (marca.com, 31 Mar 2021)


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