Personal Information

Family Partner Daniele Garozzo

Occupation Police Athlete

Languages English, Italian

Higher education Political Science - University of Camerino: Italy

License number 15041992000


World Cup97218
Alger (ALGERIA), 2018-02-02Shanghai (CHINA), 2012-05-04Alger (ALGERIA), 2017-01-13
Saint-Maur (FRANCE), 2019-12-13Budapest (HUNGARY), 2014-02-07Kazan (RUSSIA), 2020-02-21
Saint-Maur (FRANCE), 2021-12-10Cancun (MEXICO), 2015-10-16
Poznan (POLAND), 2022-01-14Cancun (MEXICO), 2017-10-13
Guadalajara (MEXICO), 2022-02-25St-Maur (FRANCE), 2017-11-03
Belgrade (SERBIA), 2022-12-09St-Maur (FRANCE), 2019-01-25
Paris (FRANCE), 2023-01-12Le Caire (EGYPT), 2019-03-01
Novi Sad (SERBIA), 2023-12-08
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2024-04-19
World Championship21-3
Wuxi (CHINA), 2018-07-20Leipzig (GERMANY), 2017-07-19
Milan (ITALY), 2023-07-23
Zone Championships--55
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2017-06-13
Novi Sad (SERBIA), 2018-06-17
Düsseldorf (GERMANY), 2019-06-18
Antalya (TÜRKIYE), 2022-06-17
Plovdiv (BULGARIA), 2023-06-16
Grand Prix23510
Turin (ITALY), 2015-11-27Turin (ITALY), 2017-12-01Shanghai (CHINA), 2015-05-15
Turin (ITALY), 2019-02-08Anaheim, California (USA), 2019-03-16Turin (ITALY), 2016-12-02
Shanghai (CHINA), 2019-05-17Turin (ITALY), 2020-02-07
Incheon (KOREA), 2022-05-14
Busan (KOREA), 2023-03-17
Baku (AZERBAIJAN), 2015-06-24

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing in 2000 at the CUS Siena club in Italy.

Why this sport? Her father suggested she try the sport. "I remember being fascinated by the uniforms. I had never seen fencing before but as soon as I started, it immediately became my passion."

Club / Team GS Fiamme Oro [ITA] / Club Scherma Jesi [ITA]:

Name of coach Stefano Cerioni [national], ITA

Handedness Right

General Interest

Nicknames Ali, Fox [her family name is Italian for 'foxes']. (Facebook profile, 11 May 2017; Federazione Italiana Scherma YouTube channel, 09 Apr 2013)

Hobbies Watching TV series, travelling. (parigi2024.coni.it, 10 Dec 2023)

Hero / Idol Italian fencer Giovanna Trillini. (azzurridigloria.com, 18 Jan 2017)

Sporting philosophy / motto "When I'm on the piste, I'm a completely different person. Everyone says, 'You have such a calm and cute face'. But when I compete, I become a monster. When I put on the mask, I don't think of anything else. I want to win, I want to fight." (eurosport.com, 22 Aug 2020)

Awards and honours In 2018 she received the Tuscan Athlete of the Year [Pegaso Per lo Sport] award from the Tuscany regional fencing council in Italy. (federscherma.it, 15 Apr 2019)

She was flag bearer for Italy at the opening ceremony of the 2013 World University Games in Kazan, Russian Federation. (italpress.com, 08 Jul 2013)

She was named the 2012 Athlete of the Year by Fencing Tuscany in Italy. (isport360.it, 24 Sep 2012)

Famous relatives Her partner Daniele Garozzo has represented Italy in fencing. He won gold in individual foil at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, and silver in the same event at the 2020 Games in Tokyo. (SportsDeskOnline, 27 Mar 2022; Instagram profile, 26 Mar 2022)

Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (cittanuova.it, 22 Apr 2024)

She won her first individual world championship gold medal in 2018 and credited coach Giovanna Trillini, as well as fitness trainer Annalisa Coltorti, for helping her make significant improvements. Just two years earlier she had missed out on selection for the 2016 Olympic Games, but went to Rio de Janeiro as a training partner for other members of the Italy national team. "Starting to train with Giovanna Trillini and Annalisa Coltorti was a turning point. Before working with Annalisa, it had never been easy for me to do the physical training. But she helped me every day to find the right balance and to find the desire. She is very frank but knows how to be like a mother too. And Giovanna's advice was fundamental to my growth. Since I began training under her my entire approach has changed. She was once my idol, and now she is my coach." (vanityfair.it, 05 Aug 2018; pianetascherma.com, 27 Jul 2018; avvenire.it, 19 Jul 2018)

She is in a relationship with Italian fencer Daniele Garozzo, and was in Brazil to see him win Olympic gold in 2016. "When he won at the Olympics, it was a great stimulus for me. It was great to see his dream come true and I hope the same will happen for me. We are the same age, we met when we were 14 and became friends immediately. We would run into each other at national team camps, and [in 2015] the relationship changed. At home we try not to talk about fencing, but it's not easy. If we are competing at the same time, or I know things didn't go well for him, then I can sometimes become a little distracted. Daniele, on the other hand, manages to stay focused more." (vanityfair.it, 05 Aug 2018; pianetascherma.com, 27 Jul 2018)

Her mother Valeria is Brazilian. "She is from Brazil and was born in Rio [de Janeiro]. I must admit I did dream about competing in Rio [at the 2016 Olympic Games], maybe because of my mother being Brazilian." (FIE Fencing YouTube channel, 10 Aug 2020)


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