Personal Information

Family Partner Daniele Garozzo

Residence Frascati, ITA

Occupation Athlete, Police Officer

Languages English, Italian

Higher education Political Science - University of Camerino: Italy

World Cup1719
Alger (ALGERIA), 2018-02-02Shanghai (CHINA), 2012-05-04Alger (ALGERIA), 2017-01-13
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2014-02-07
Cancun (MEXICO), 2015-10-16
Cancun (MEXICO), 2017-10-13
St-Maur (FRANCE), 2017-11-03
St-Maur (FRANCE), 2019-01-25
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2019-03-01
World Championship11-2
Wuxi (CHINA), 2018-07-20Leipzig (GERMANY), 2017-07-19
Zone Championships--22
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2017-06-13
Novi Sad (SERBIA), 2018-06-17
Grand Prix2327
Turin (ITALY), 2015-11-27Turin (ITALY), 2017-12-01Shanghai (CHINA), 2015-05-15
Turin (ITALY), 2019-02-08Anaheim, California (USA), 2019-03-16Turin (ITALY), 2016-12-02
Shanghai (CHINA), 2019-05-17
Baku (AZERBAIJAN), 2015-06-24

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing in 2000.

Why this sport? Her father suggested she try the sport.

Club / Team CS Jesi [ITA] / Frascati Scherma [ITA]:

Name of coach Annalisa Coltorti [CS Jesi, fitness], ITA; Fabio Galli [Frascati Scherma], ITA; Giovanna Trillini [national, CS Jesi]; Andrea Cipressa [national], ITA

Training Regime She trains once a week in Jesi, Italy, with coach Giovanna Trillini. She spends the rest of the month training in Frascati, Italy, with coach Fabio Galli.

Handedness Right

General Interest

Nicknames Ali, Fox [her family name is Italian for 'foxes']. (Facebook profile, 11 May 2017; Federazione Italiana Scherma YouTube channel, 09 Apr 2013)

Hobbies Cooking. (azzurridigloria.com, 18 Jan 2017)

Hero / Idol Italian fencer Giovanna Trillini. (azzurridigloria.com, 18 Jan 2017)

Awards and honours She was Italy's flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the 2013 World University Games in Kazan, Russian Federation. (italpress.com, 08 Jul 2013)

She was named the 2012 Athlete of the Year by Fencing Tuscany in Italy. (isport360.it, 24 Sep 2012)

Famous relatives Her partner Daniele Garozzo has also represented Italy in fencing, and won gold in individual foil at 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. In 2018, he won silver in both team and individual foil at the European championships in Novi Sad, Serbia. (sky.it, 09 Jun 2018; SportsDeskOnline, 12 Jul 2018)

Ambitions To win a medal at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (azzurridigloria.com, 18 Jan 2017)


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