AVOLA Giorgio


Personal Information

Family Partner Rachele Sipione

Residence Rome, ITA

Occupation Athlete, Police Officer, Student

Languages English, Italian

Higher education Economics, Management - University Guido Carli: Rome, ITA

License number 08051989001


World Cup-6713
Bonn (GERMANY), 2010-02-27La Havane (CUBA), 2010-06-03
Paris (FRANCE), 2011-01-28Paris (FRANCE), 2013-01-25
Séoul (KOREA), 2012-05-18Bonn (GERMANY), 2013-03-22
La Havane (CUBA), 2012-06-29Paris (FRANCE), 2017-01-20
La Havane (CUBA), 2013-05-24Paris (FRANCE), 2018-01-19
Tokyo (JAPAN), 2016-11-11Paris (FRANCE), 2019-01-11
Le Caire (EGYPT), 2019-03-01
World Championship--11
Catania (ITALY), 2011-10-10
Zone Championships1-34
Sheffield (GREAT BRITAIN), 2011-07-14TORUN (POLAND), 2016-06-20
Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2017-06-12
Novi Sad (SERBIA), 2018-06-16
Grand Prix-112
St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2012-06-01Long Beach, California (USA), 2017-03-17
Londres (GREAT BRITAIN), 2007-10-21

Sport Specific Information

Club / Team Scherma Modica [ITA] / Fiamme Gialle [ITA]:

Name of coach Eugenio Migliore [national], ITA

Handedness Right

General Interest

Nicknames Il Conte [The Count]. (schermamodica.it, 26 Jan 2017)

Awards and honours In 2018 he received the Collare d'Oro [Golden Necklace] for Sports Merit from the Italian Olympic Committee [CONI]. (sport.luiss.it, 19 Dec 2018)

In September 2013 he was named Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in recognition of his achievements in sport. (corrierediragusa.it, 16 Sep 2013)

Other information COFFEE LOVER
He considers himself a coffee enthusiast. "Actually, coffee is like a life companion. I can't help. It has been an optimal help, specially when I started my double career [as an athlete and student]. The morning's coffee is a must. When I am overseas, and it is difficult to find a good espresso I opt for a filter or an American coffee." (thesignmoak.com, 19 Feb 2019)


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