BARDENET Alexandre


Personal Information

Residence Paris, FRA

Occupation Athlete, Human Resources

Languages English, French, Spanish

Higher education Law - University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne: France

License number 26051990000


World Cup3148
Heidenheim (GERMANY), 2019-01-10Berne (SWITZERLAND), 2021-11-19Vancouver (CANADA), 2019-02-08
Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA), 2023-03-24Berne (SWITZERLAND), 2019-11-22
Istanbul (TÜRKIYE), 2023-05-19Paris (FRANCE), 2022-04-15
Vancouver (CANADA), 2022-12-09
Grand Prix-2-2
Doha (QATAR), 2016-12-09
Doha (QATAR), 2020-01-24

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He took up the sport in Valenciennes, France.

Club / Team Escrime Rodez Aveyron: France

Name of coach Hugues Obry [national], FRA

Training Regime He trains at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance [INSEP] in Paris, France.

Handedness Right

General Interest

Memorable sporting achievement Winning team gold at the 2019 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. (ladepeche.fr, 25 Jul 2019)

Injuries A hip injury meant he was unable to participate at the 2019 European Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany. (fr.news.yahoo.com, 19 Jun 2019)

Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (ouest-france.fr, 15 Jan 2022)

He hopes to use the disappointment of his performance at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where he was eliminated in the round of 16 of the men's individual sabre competition and in the quarterfinals of the men's team competition, as motivation ahead of the 2024 Games in Paris. "It is a very big disappointment, which is still very present today. Whether individually or as a team, I think don't think I fulfilled my objectives, I did not achieve the dream that I wanted to achieve. This is also why I am going back to prepare for the next Olympics. But before 2024, there are a lot of great things to look for, in particular World Cup titles and European titles. After the [Tokyo] Games there has been a change of staff in the French national team. It did me good personally because there was something wrong with our preparation for Tokyo. Having thought about it carefully, I did not feel sufficiently prepared. But now I have all the weapons in hand to have great seasons, which can lead me to great performances at the Paris Olympics in 2024. Beyond the disappointment, it has been an immense pride to be able to represent my country at such an event." (ouest-france.fr, 15 Jan 2022)

He began working part-time as a human resources officer at a French insurance company in 2019. (LinkedIn profile, 20 Jun 2023)

In 2019 he graduated with a bachelor's degree in business and administration from the Higher Business Studies School of Northern France [EDHEC] in Lille. (alexandrebardenet.ultra-book.com, 01 Jan 2020)


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