Personal Information

Residence Bonn, GER

Occupation Armed Forces Athlete, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

Languages English, German

Higher education Language Studies - English, Language Studies - German, Teaching - University of Wurzburg: Germany

License number 01041991000


World Cup1113
Belgrade (SERBIA), 2022-04-15Tbilisi (GEORGIA), 2023-06-02Katowice (POLAND), 2018-01-12
Grand Prix1135
Shanghai (CHINA), 2023-05-19Anaheim, California (USA), 2018-03-17Incheon (KOREA), 2022-05-14
Turin (ITALY), 2024-02-09
Washington DC (USA), 2024-03-15

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She took up fencing as a child at a club near Tauberbischofsheim, Germany.

Why this sport? "As a child, I never really had much to do, so I looked for a suitable sport with my parents. Not far from my hometown is the Tauberbischofsheim Olympic base. It's the place fencing became famous and I just wanted to try it out. So I went to a smaller club nearby and was invited to a training session at the base very quickly. Even during my time at high school, my parents drove me there all the time."

Club / Team DFC Dusseldorf: Germany

Training Regime She trains at the North Rhine-Westphalia/Rhineland Olympic Base in Germany.

Handedness Right

General Interest

Injuries In 2020 she underwent surgery for a cyst on her leg. The operation took several months to recover from, during which time she was unable to train. (sportfrauen.net, 14 Oct 2020)

In 2019 she suffered an injury to her groin at the Grand Prix event in Cairo, Egypt. The injury forced her to pull out of the 2019 World Cup event in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany. (Facebook page, 03 May 2019)

Sporting philosophy / motto "I find it fascinating to measure yourself against other fencers every day and keep improving. In a competition you can't sit back for a second, you always have to be 100% focused. The complexity appeals to me. In fencing you have to be fast, mentally fit, athletic and tactical. The main thing is to be aware of your strengths, and to believe in yourself." (sportfrauen.net, 14 Oct 2020)

Ambitions To compete at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. (Instagram profile, 27 Apr 2024)

Other information OTHER ACTIVITIES
She works as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, and has coached fencing to children as part of the Anne and Friends Youngster Camp project. She has also been an ambassador for the German youth sport project Tinongo. (Instagram profile, 08 May 2024; LinkedIn profile, 08 Mar 2024; tinongo.org, 01 Sep 2020)

She believes that her mental strength distinguishes her as a fencer, and is something she has worked to improve with the help of a sports psychologist. "I am totally strong-willed and ambitious and would never give up. I can also concentrate and react well. In order to develop these skills, I worked with a sports psychologist for a long time. The main thing is to be aware of your strengths and to believe in yourself. This also helps to come back after setbacks and not be demotivated by an injury or other obstacles." (sportfrauen.net, 14 Oct 2020)


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