Personal Information

Residence Moscow, RUS

Languages Russian

Higher education Technical Studies - Moscow State University of Railway Engineering: Russia

License number 09071985003


World Cup3159
Tokyo (JAPAN), 2007-05-19Bonn (GERMANY), 2014-03-21Bonn (GERMANY), 2013-03-22
Espinho (PORTUGAL), 2009-03-14La Havane (CUBA), 2014-05-23
Bonn (GERMANY), 2018-02-09St-Petersbourg (RUSSIA), 2018-05-04
Tokyo (JAPAN), 2019-12-13
Paris (FRANCE), 2020-01-10
World Championship1--1
Kazan (RUSSIA), 2014-07-16
Zone Championships2226
Legnano (ITALY), 2012-06-15Zagreb (CROATIA), 2013-06-16Sheffield (GREAT BRITAIN), 2011-07-14
Novi Sad (SERBIA), 2018-06-16Strasbourg (FRANCE), 2014-06-07Düsseldorf (GERMANY), 2019-06-17
Grand Prix2-13
Tokyo (JAPAN), 2013-05-04Venise (ITALY), 2011-03-05
Turin (ITALY), 2014-11-28

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing at age seven in Moscow, Russian Federation.

Why this sport? He lived near a sports centre that offered fencing.

Club / Team Central Sports Army Club [RUS] / MGFSO [RUS]:

Name of coach Dmitry Shevchenko [personal], RUS, from 2006; Denis Chernikov [personal], RUS

Handedness Right

General Interest

Memorable sporting achievement Winning gold in team foil at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Athlete, 06 Jun 2019)

Most influential person in career Coach Dmitry Shevchenko. (Athlete, 14 Jun 2014)

Hero / Idol Italian fencer Andrea Baldini, German fencer Benjamin Kleibrink. (newizv.ru, 20 Jun 2013)

Injuries He suffered a back injury in 2009 and was out of the national team during that season. (Athlete, 14 Jun 2014)

Awards and honours He received the Order of Friendship from the president of the Russian Federation in recognition of the gold medal he won at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (kremlin.ru, 25 Aug 2016)

In 2015 he received the title of Honoured Master of Sport in the Russian Federation. (minsport.gov.ru, 03 Jun 2015)

Other information FURTHER EDUCATION
In May 2014 he graduated from Smolensk State University of Sport in the Russian Federation. (Athlete, 14 Jun 2014)


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