Personal Information

Family Partner Erika Kirpu

Residence Milan, ITA

Occupation Athlete, Trainee Police Officer

Languages Italian

License number 21061989002


World Cup1157
Vancouver (CANADA), 2016-02-12Vancouver (CANADA), 2019-02-08Berne (SWITZERLAND), 2010-02-27
Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA), 2012-06-29
Heidenheim (GERMANY), 2013-02-15
Heidenheim (GERMANY), 2015-01-22
Tallin (ESTONIA), 2015-11-13
World Championship--11
Kazan (RUSSIA), 2014-07-17
Zone Championships--11
Düsseldorf (GERMANY), 2019-06-18
Grand Prix-213
Doha (QATAR), 2014-01-16Doha (QATAR), 2014-12-05
Budapest (HUNGARY), 2016-03-18

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? He began fencing at age eight in Acireale, Italy.

Why this sport? The father of one of his friends invited Garozzo to try the sport at a local club.

Club / Team GS Carabinieri [ITA] / Milano Scherma [ITA]: Italy

Name of coach Angelo Mazzoni [personal], ITA, from 2018; Andrea Lo Coco [fitness], ITA

Handedness Right

General Interest

Memorable sporting achievement Winning silver at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Federazione Italiana Scherma's YouTube channel, 05 Jul 2018)

Injuries He sustained a shoulder injury [tore tendon] while competing at the 2018/19 World Cup event in Bern, Switzerland in November 2018. He decided, alongside the technical staff of the Italian national team and his coach, to not undergoing a surgery, opting to treat it with therapy. He continued competing throughout the season. (cataniatoday.it, 11 Feb 2019; pianetascherma.com, 24 May 2019)

A minor physical problem obliged him to skip the 2018 Italian national championships. (pianetascherma.com, 05 Jun 2018)

Famous relatives His younger brother Daniele has represented Italy in fencing. He won silver in individual foil at the 2015 European Championships in Montreux, Switzerland. His partner Erika Kirpu is also a fencer who has represented Estonia in international competitions. (SportsDeskOnline, 09 Jul 2015; pianetascherma.com, 11 Dec 2014, 24 May 2019)


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