Personal Information

Family Husband Damian

Residence Kraków, POL

Occupation Athlete, Business Owner, Coach

Languages English, Polish

Higher education Construction - Krakow University of Technology: Poland

License number 15071988001


World Cup--44
Florina (GREECE), 2010-03-13
Tallin (ESTONIA), 2016-10-21
Suzhou (CHINA), 2017-11-10
La Havane (CUBA), 2020-01-10
Zone Championships--22
Zagreb (CROATIA), 2013-06-16
TORUN (POLAND), 2016-06-22
Prague (CZECH REPUBLIC), 2016-04-17
Oslo (NORWAY), 2015-11-01Genève (SWITZERLAND), 2019-10-06Belgrade (SERBIA), 2009-10-11
Belgrade (SERBIA), 2010-10-10
Stockholm (SWEDEN), 2016-01-10

Sport Specific Information

When and where did you begin this sport? She began fencing at age 10 in Tarnow, Poland.

Why this sport? She joined a fencing group that was set up at her primary school. "My sport teacher was a foil coach. I was trying to find a sport for myself, I trained also in volleyball, but I went to foil classes out of curiosity. Fencing is an extremely interesting sport in terms of variety of activities, technical and tactical solutions and it develops motor features."

Club / Team AZS AWF Krakow: Poland

Name of coach Piotr Hammer [club]; Bartlomiej Jezyk [national], POL

Handedness Left

General Interest

Hobbies Relaxing at home, watching films, visiting friends. (knapik-miazga.pl, 19 Jun 2017)

Memorable sporting achievement Winning bronze medals at the European championships in 2014 and 2016. (dziennikpolski24.pl, 27 Jun 2016; eurosport.onet.pl, 22 Jun 2016)

Most influential person in career Her husband. (knapik-miazga.pl, 19 Jun 2017)

Sporting philosophy / motto "Never give up." (knapik-miazga.pl, 23 Dec 2015)

Ambitions To win a medal at the world championships and to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (sportowymagazyn.pl, 12 Apr 2017)

Other information ON THE MOVE
After joining the Wisla Krakow club in Poland at age seven, she moved to AZS AWF Krakow in November 2018. "Nothing big has happened. I felt that I needed a change. In the career of a senior fencer, there is a feeling that progression is extremely necessary. I am looking for new incentives. For half a year in the back of my head I had the idea that I must change something." (gazetakrakowska.pl, 16 Nov 2018)

She is a founder and owner of web design company and electronics store. She has also worked as a fencing instructor. (Facebook profile, 20 May 2019; sportowymagazyn.pl, 12 Apr 2017)

At age 14 she was diagnosed with a vascular problem in her right arm that forced her to learn how to fence left-handed. She also switched from foil to epee during this period. "It took me two years of intensive work. My dedication paid off when I was called up to the Polish team." (knapik-miazga.pl, 23 Dec 2015)

She recognises the sacrifices her father made when she was young and just getting into fencing. "I owe my presence in the sport to my father. As a teenager, I lived in Tarnow but my club was in Krakow. He drove me to class three times a week, one-and-a-half hours each way. It was a big sacrifice on his part that made me realise that, although sport requires a huge commitment, it's worth making sacrifices to succeed." (knapik-miazga.pl, 23 Dec 2015)


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