FIE Contest Seeks New Sabre Technology

LAUSANNE, Switz., November 25, 2019—The FIE is sponsoring an international contest inviting developers to create new technology for registering hits in sabre fencing. The objective is to design and manufacture a modern sensor, one that is easy to use, inexpensive and durable for competition. An FIE Contest Commission that includes members of the Executive Committee and several commissions and councils, as well sport/technical staff, is responsible for accepting and appraising sensor prototypes.

There are specific requirements for the design. According to FIE Sport and Technical Director Evgeny Tsoukhlo, “The apparatus should not register light touches or blade contact, but rather only valid hits of the blade on an opponent”. He added, “Overall, the technology must meet the standards of sabre fencing, including both thrusting and cutting touches with the cutting edge and back of the blade. All hits made with the cutting edge, flat or back of the blade should register as valid touches. Hits with the guard are not allowed, must be annulled and the fencer making the hit is penalised. Hits made ‘through’ the blade must score as valid, meaning those that touch both the opponent’s sabre and a valid target area simultaneously.”

The two accompanying documents include specific and technical details and rules of the contest, as well as a request for participation.

Contest regulations

Contest participation form

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