Interview with Arianna Errigo ITA

Arianna Errigo

  • What was your motivation to start practicing and competing in sabre competitions?

I like to put myself on the line. It's a challenge to myself. I enjoy Sabre so much that I would like to succeed in this venture. After eight years without missing a foil competition and after Rio, I could have taken a break, but fencing is my life and, although I'm neglecting the foil with this new adventure, I'm training and learning something new that will also serve me well in foil.

  • When did you try sabre for the first time in your life?

Too late!!! I tried for the first time at the Italian team championships in 2011. The third member of the Carabinieri sabre team was injured and I was asked to replace her. We won!!!

  • How do you manage to train for both weapons and what does this require?

At the moment, I'm dedicated to sabre. I'll do it until January. I have to understand my potential. I believe that every discipline compensates for the others. I'll do sabre or foil workouts based on the competition. It's a new thing so there will be not strict rules. I'll decide with my staff how to deal with each workout.

  • Being world number one in Women’s foil is already a big achievement, with lots of sacrifices and a huge effort. What is your everyday life like so far, practicing for foil and sabre?

Everyone thinks that because I do both sabre and foil I have to train twice, this is not the case. The risk is in getting injured. If I succeed in this venture, it will mean more competition and less training and that would be a dream for me as I love competition but suffer the workouts.

  • Are you going to take part in all sabre events this season?

I'm going to do a whole season and draw conclusions at the end of it. Assess whether it is worth pursuing and, especially, whether I am internationally competitive.

  • What is your next goal and your aspiration for the next 4 years leading to Tokyo Olympic Games?

The goal is to pursue both disciplines in the hope of getting to Tokyo and competing for four medals!

Photo © Augusto Bizzi

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