Newsletter from Pan-America: New website launched!

Alisher Usmanov President of FIE

On behalf of the International Fencing Federation I welcome all fans of this sport to the Web Portal of the Pan American Fencing Confederation (www.cpe- fie.org).

I want to express my gratitude to the Pan American Fencing Confederation for this work. The world of fencing keeps up to date thanks to the constant introduction of modern information technologies.

I am convinced that the Portal of the CPE quickly will gain popularity among the fans of this sport... < See more >

Vitaly Logvin G. President of CPE

It is my pleasure to express my satisfaction with being able to work together with all of you in this new stage with me as President of the Pan American Fencing Confederation, it is my pride and compromise to be able to work and reach the goals where the fencers of our continent achieve important results at world class. I am sure times of great prosperity and success are on sight for our countries, where fencing in our continent will play a special leadership in the world scenarios.

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