Fencing Zonal Qualifying Event for Pan America Finishes in San Jose, Costa Rica

LAUSANNE, Switz., May 3, 2021—The Fencing Zonal Qualifying Event for Pan America has finished in San Jose, Costa Rica, including six individual events that took place on May 1 and 2 for men and women in epee, foil and sabre. The winners of each event were Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger (CAN, men’s epee), Maria Luisa Doig Calderon (PER, women’s epee), Diego Cervantes (MEX, men’s foil), Katina Proestakis (CHI, women’s foil), Jose Quintero (VEN, men’s sabre) and Maria Belen Perez Maurice (ARG). The competition took place at the San Jose Hotel Real Intercontinental.

In men’s epee, Canada’s Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger won against Cuba’s Yunior Reytor Venet in the final match, 15-10. In the semifinal, Reytor Venet beat Brazil’s Athos Schwantes, 15-9, while Blais-Belanger beat Colombia’s John Edison Rodriguez, 15-13.

In women’s epee, Peru’s Maria Luisa Doig Calderon won against Canada’s Leonora Mackinnon in the final match, 15-12. In the semifinal, Mackinnon beat Cuba’s Yamilka Rodriguez Quesada, 15-6, while Doig Calderon beat Paraguay’s Montserrat Viveros, 15-6.

In men’s foil, Mexico’s Diego Cervantes won against Argentina’s Augusto Antonio Servello in the final match, 15-13. In the semifinal, Servello beat Venezuela’s Victor Leon, 15-13, while Cervantes beat Colombia’s Daniel Sconzo, 15-13.

In women’s foil, Chile’s Katina Proestakis won against Mexico’s Nataly Michel in the final match, 15-12. In the semifinal, Michel beat Brazil’s Ana Beatriz Bulcao, 15-8, while Proestakis beat Argentina’s Flavia Johanna Mormandi, 15-9.

In men’s sabre, Venezuela’s Jose Quintero won against Argentina’s Pascual Maria Di Tella in the final match, 15-14. In the semifinal, Di Tella beat Cuba’s Harold De La Caridad Rodriguez Martinez, 15-13, while Quintero beat Chile’s Victor Contreras, 15-10.

In women’s sabre, Argentina’s Maria Belen Perez Maurice won against Venezuela’s Alejandra Jhonay Benitez Romero in the final match, 15-6. In the semifinal, Benitez Romero beat Mexico’s Julieta Toledo, 15-13, while Perez Maurice beat Dominican Republic’s Heyddys Valentin, 15-5.

Final rankings included the following:

Men’s Epee

1st Marc-Antoine Blais-Belanger (CAN)

2nd Yunior Reytor Venet (CUB)

3rd Athos Schwantes (BRA)

3rd John Edison Rodriguez (COL)

5th Jose Felix Dominguez (ARG)

6th Pablo Nunez (CHI)

7th Hector Maisonet (PUR)

8th Eduardo Garcia (PER)

Women’s Epee

1st Maria Luisa Doig Calderon (PER)

2nd Leonora Mackinnon (CAN)

3rd Montserrat Viveros (PAR)

3rd Yamilka Rodriguez Quesada (CUB)

5th Maria Martinez (VEN)

6th Isabel Di Tella

7th Maria De Los Angeles Jaramillo Quevedo (COL)

8th Karina Dyner (CRC)

Men’s Foil

1st Diego Cervantes (MEX)

2nd Augusto Antonio Servello (ARG)

3rd Daniel Sconzo (COL)

3rd Victor Leon (VEN)

5th Cesar Colon Lopez (PUR)

6th Gustavo Alarcon (CHI)

7th Federico Canchez Sifuentes (PER)

8th Mathias Xavier Villacreses Bravo (ECU)

Women’s Foil

1st Katina Proestakis (CHI)

2nd Nataly Michel (MEX)

3rd Ana Beatriz Bulcao (BRA)

3rd Flavia Johanna Mormandi (ARG)

5th Isis Gimenez (VEN)

6th Camila Alexandra Ortiz Sanchez (ECU)

7th Alanis Rivera Roig (PUR)

8th Paola Carolina Gil Pinero (PER)

Men’s Sabre

1st Jose Quintero (VEN)

2nd Pascual Maria Di Tella (ARG)

3rd Victor Contreras (CHI)

3rd Harold De La Caridad Rodriguez Martinez (CUB)

5th Gibran Zea (MEX)

6th Luis Correa Vila (COL)

7th Bruno Pekelman (BRA)

8th Teddy Weller (ISV)

Women’s Sabre

1st Maria Belen Perez Maurice (ARG)

2nd Alejandra Jhonay Benitez Romero (VEN)

3rd Heyddys Valentin (DOM)

3rd Julieta Toledo (MEX)

5th Jessica Yolima Morales Linares (COL)

6th Eileen Grench (PAN)

7th Yolanda Munoz (CHI)

8th Karina Trois (BRA)

Official results and information may be found on the FIE Web site at www.FIE.org/competitions.

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