Fencing Zonal Qualifying Event for Asia-Oceania Finishes in Tashkent

LAUSANNE, Switz., April 26, 2021—The Fencing Zonal Qualifying Event for Asia and Oceania has finished in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, including six individual events that took place on April 25-26 for men and women in epee, foil and sabre. The winners of each event were Roman Petrov (KGZ, men’s epee), Kiria Abdul Rahman (SGP, women’s epee), Mengkai Huang (CHN, men’s foil), Amita Berthier (SGP, women’s foil), Sherzod Mamutov (UZB, men’s sabre) and Zaynab Dayibekova (UZB, women’s sabre). The competition took place at Tashkent’s National Gymnastics Hall.

In men’s epee, Kyrgyzstan’s Roman Petrov won against Vietnam’s Tien Nhat Nguyen in the final match, 15-12. In the semifinal, Nguyen beat Saudi Arabia’s Jawad Aldawood, 15-8, while Petrov beat Uzbekistan’s Fayzulla Alimov, 15-13.

In women’s epee, Singapore’s Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman won against Kazakhstan’s Ulyana Balaganskaya in the final match, 15-13. In the semifinal, Balaganskaya beat Mongolia’s Amarzaya Batsaikhan, 15-14, while Abdul Rahman beat Thailand’s Korawan Thanee, 15-12.

In men’s foil, China’s Mengkai Huang won against Malaysia’s Hans Wei Shen Yoong in the final match, 15-4. In the semifinal, Yoong beat Vietnam’s Minh Quang Nguyen, 15-10, while Huang beat Chinese Taipei’s Chih Chieh Chen, 15-6.

In women’s foil, Singapore’s Amita Berthier won against Uzbekistan’s Yana Alborova in the final match, 15-14. In the semifinal, Alborova beat Philippines’ Samantha Kyle Catantan, 15-10, while Berthier beat Lebanon’s Mona Shaito, 15-4.

In men’s sabre, Uzbekistan’s Sherzod Mamutov won against Hong Kong’s Ho Tin Low in the final match, 15-7. In the semifinal, Low beat Thailand’s Vorogun Srinualnad, 15-10, while Mamutov beat Kazakhstan’s Nazarbay Sattarkhan, 15-8.

In women’s sabre, Uzbekistan’s Zaynab Dayibekova won against Kazakhstan’s Aigerim Sarybay in the final match, 15-6. In the semifinal, Sarybay beat Singapore’s Jolie Kar Yi Lee, 15-11, while Dayibekova beat Hong Kong, China’s Hin Wai Lam, 15-4.

Final rankings included the following:

Men’s Epee

1st Roman Petrov (KGZ)

2nd Tien Nhat Nguyen (VIE)

3rd Jawad Aldawood (KSA)

3rd Fayzulla Alimov (UZB)

5th Mohammad Rezaei (IRI)

6th Sunil Kumar (IND)

7th Mohsin Abbas (IRQ)

8th Simon Renjie Lee (SGP)

Women’s Epee

1st Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman (SGP)

2nd Ulyana Balaganskaya (KAZ)

3rd Amarzaya Batsaikhan (MGL)

3rd Korawan Thanee (THA)

5th Phuong Kim Nguyen (VIE)

6th Madeleine Andersen (AUS)

7th Kamilia Abdyl-Khamitova (KGZ)

8th Paria Mahrokh (IRI)

Men’s Foil

1st Mengkai Huang (CHN)

2nd Hans Wei Shen Yoong (MAS)

3rd Chih Chieh Chen (TPE)

3rd Minh Quang Nguyen (VIE)

5th Sholto Douglas (AUS)

6th Kevin Jerrold Chan (SGP)

7th Tamirlan Kaliyev (KAZ)

8th Akhmadillokhon Solikhojiev (UZB)

Women’s Foil

1st Amita Berthier (SGP)

2nd Yana Alborova (UZB)

3rd Mona Shaito (LBN)

3rd Samantha Kyle Catantan (PHI)

5th Hsin Cheng (TPE)

6th Violet Hull (AUS)

7th Kimberly Vanessa Cheung (HKG)

8th Radhika Prakash Awati (IND)

Men’s Sabre

1st Sherzod Mamutov (UZB)

2nd Ho Tin Low (HKG)

3rd Voragun Srinualnad (THA)

3rd Nazarbay Sattarkhan (KAZ)

5th Thanh An Vu (VIE)

6th Yu Yong Choy (SGP)

7th Alexandre Douglas (AUS)

8th Yousef Alshamlan (KUW)

Women’s Sabre

1st Zaynab Dayibekova (UZB)

2nd Aigerim Sarybay (KAZ)

3rd Hin Wai Lam (HKG)

3rd Jolie Kar Yi Lee (SGP)

5th Najmeh Sazanjian (IRI)

6th Jylyn Nicanor (PHI)

7th Pornsawan Ngernrungruangroj (THA)

8th Tiffany Dell’aquila Miller (TPE)

Official results and information may be found on the FIE Web site at www.FIE.org/competitions.

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