Donating Rare and Valuable Books on Fencing to the Italian National Olympic Committee

02 Jun 2017

Rome, June 1, 2017 – Today, International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing” whose founder and sponsor is Alisher Usmanov, Commander of the Order “For merits to the Italian Republic”/ Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, is donating a collection of rare books on fencing to the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

With this initiative, the Fund continues to implement Mr. Usmanov’s projects aimed at preserving the historical and cultural legacy of Italy and developing the traditional Russian-Italian cultural dialog.

The collection includes 115 books of the 16th–20th centuries in Italian, French, English and other European languages. They deal with the history of fencing in Italy and other European countries, and many of them, being detailed teaching manuals on the art of fencing, are lavishly illustrated. One of the oldest tomes in the collection is Arte dell Armi (The Art of Swordsmanship) by Achille Marozzo published in Venice in 1568.

According to the expert opinion of the Special Commission on Cultural and Literary Legacy of the Lombardy Region, the collection is a unique piece of great bibliographic rarity. Many of its books cannot be found in Italian libraries. All the books that make up this collection are in a very good condition.

The collection was purchased by International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing” in 2014 from an Italian collector. Undoubtedly, it will occupy its rightful place in the CONI Museum.

About the Fund

International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing” was established at the initiative of the current President of the International Fencing Federation, Alisher Usmanov, in March 2005.

The Fund’s major goal is to create favorable conditions for the development of international fencing, provide the all-round material, social, and organizational support for the activities of international, continental and national federations in the development and promotion of fencing; support fencing athletes, coaches, referees and fencing experts, including fencing veterans.

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