Fair Play, Post-event report

Cadet – Junior World Fencing Championships Bourges 2016

This report is to summarise the fair play education programme which was carried out by the International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) during the Cadet – Junior World Fencing Championships in Bourges, France.

It was the first time in the history of fencing that fair play had been promoted within the framework of an education programme. The fair play games which were introduced to the young fencers were specifically developed for the Youth Olympic Games by the CIFP.

Educational Objectives

1. To promote sportsmanship among athletes and the values composing fair play.

2. To develop a better understanding of the notion of fair play and how fair play and its values can be applicable in the daily lives of the athletes.

3. To put fair play theory into practice via exciting interactive activities and eye-catching promotional materials.


The CIFP included the following elements in the fair play games to convey the messages of sportsmanship:

 Clear definition of values composing the notion of fair play;

 Key messages and slogans related to sportsmanship;

 Examples of how the values of fair play can be adopted in the daily lives of the athletes on and off the sporting field;

 Images and stories of popular athletes showing fair play attitude throughout their career;

 Exciting case studies introducing fair play acts carried out in the history of the Olympic Games.

The CIFP conducted its activities in the following formats:

 Board games and computer games;

 Free and easy 10 to 15-minute activities supported by experts;

 Activities were available in English and French.

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