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Stanislav Pozdnyakov, four-time Olympic Champion, Elected President of Russian Olympic Committee

MOSCOW, Russia, May 29, 2018—Stanislav Pozdnyakov has been elected President of the Russian Olympic Committee. The elections took place on May 29, 2018, during the Olympic Committee meeting that took place at the Russian Olympic Committee headquarters. Two candidates ran for President and put forward platforms for the election: Mr. Pozdnyakov, four-time Olympic fencing champion, President of the European Fencing Confederation and member of the International Fencing Federation Executive Committee; and Alexander Popov, four-time Olympic swimming champion and member of the Council for Physical Culture and Sport for the President of Russia.

The election results included 214 delegates voting for Mr. Pozdnyakov and 56 for Mr. Popov. After the results of the vote had been announced, Mr. Pozdnyakov thanked the delegates for showing their confidence in him as well as his opponent for the fairly fought election, and he promised to do everything possible to ensure the prestige of the Russian Olympic movement would reach new heights.

“I thank all those who voted for me, thank you for your confidence” said Mr. Pozdnyakov, following the election. “I will make every effort to make the Russian Olympic Committee one of the strongest sporting organisations in the world.”