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Results of the Athletes' Commission voting 2017

At the recent 2017 World Fencing Championships in Leipzig, Germany, athletes from around the globe cast votes for members of a new Athletes’ Commission, which is an important participant and voice in the proceedings and oversight of the International Fencing Federation. Six athletes were voted into office, including the following:

  • Aldo Montano (ITA, 225 votes)
  • Olga Kharlan (UKR, 211 votes)
  • Minobe Kazuyasu (JPN, 204 votes)
  • Aron Szilagyi (HUN, 190 votes)
  • Yannick Borel (FRA, 171 votes)
  • Mariel Zagunis (USA, 158 votes)

These fencers were elected from a field of 21 overall, and 571 athletes took part in the vote. At its first session following this summer’s World Championships, the FIE Executive Committee will nominate a maximum of six athletes, from the list of candidates proposed by national federations. If the candidatures so allow, the six weapons and four zones (Europe, America, Africa, Asia/Oceania) should be represented on the commission.

The new Athletes’ Commission will meet in Lausanne, Switzerland on October 7 to elect its president and prepare a working calendar.