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ERRIGO Arianna


ERRIGO Arianna

  • country: ITA
  • gender: F
  • Left-handed
  • date of birth: 06.06.88
  • license: 06061988000

Detail of points

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Total     300
Championnats du MondeCHMKazan16.07.14EU180
Championnats d'EuropeCHZStrasbourg07.06.14EU621
Grand PrixGPMarseille23.05.14EU148
Coupe du MondeAShanghai02.05.14AO132
SK Trophée SéoulGPSéoul26.04.14AO239
Coupe du MondeATurin21.03.14EU3(20)
Fleuret de St-PetersbourgASt-Petersbourg26.02.14EU132
Coupe du MondeABudapest07.02.14EU3(20)
The Artus Court PKO BPGPGdansk31.01.14EU148

* The points between parenthesis were not taken into account for the ranking.

* The points preceded by a + have not been validated by the FIE yet