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GRUMIER Gauthier


GRUMIER Gauthier

  • country: FRA
  • gender: M
  • height: 186
  • weight: 77
  • Left-handed
  • date of birth: 29.05.84
  • marital status: Single
  • education: Licence Staps
  • profession: Etudiant
  • license: 29051984001

Detail of points

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Total     96
Championnats du MondeCHMTurin01.10.06EU426
Copa Mundial de Puerto RicoGPCarolina16.06.06AM37(4)
Glaive de TallinATallin20.05.06EU514
Trophée CarroccioALegnano05.05.06EU36(2)
Heidenheimer PokalGPHeidenheim28.04.06EU318
Challenge International C. MartelAPoitiers17.03.06EU11(8)
Challenge Bernadotte Stockholm GPGPStockholm10.03.06EU228
Grand Prix du Qatar 2006GPDoha10.02.06AO1216
CM Cheikh Fahed Al-Ahmed Al-SoubahGPKoweit City27.01.06AO340

* The points between parenthesis were not taken into account for the ranking.

* The points preceded by a + have not been validated by the FIE yet