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Competition Place Date Category Weapon Gender Event Type
Championnats d'Afrique * Alger 19.02.19 C F M I NF

* Results of the competitions marked with asterisk were not validated yet.

RankNameNationalityBirth Date
1MADY YahiaEGY12.03.02
2ALBERT VirgilALG02.06.02
3KHALED WalidEGY02.05.04
3FENNICHE Mohamed RayaneTUN05.12.03
5SAMPSON CadenRSA08.03.03
6OTHMAN YehiaEGY28.06.03
7SOYOYE CasparNGR13.10.02
8FELLAH Dani-AdamALG22.09.05
9CANNING LukeRSA19.03.03
10OWODIONG Ekike PeterNGR17.02.02
11DELLALI SouheilALG30.06.03
12HENDAWI AhmedEGY01.01.04
13OULD BRAHAM Mehdi DanylALG22.08.04
14ASHAOLU Oloruntofunmi OluwagbeminiyiNGR25.10.05
14VAN MANEN RahulRSA14.10.04