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Competition Place Date Category Weapon Gender Event Type
Championnats d'Afrique * Alger 19.02.19 C E F I NF

* Results of the competitions marked with asterisk were not validated yet.

RankNameNationalityBirth Date
1GAAFAR RodainaEGY14.11.03
2ZEBOUDJ YousraALG22.01.02
3KLOPPER AlexandriaRSA23.04.04
3HUSSEIN AyaEGY28.12.03
5TAREK SalmaEGY09.12.04
6COULIBALY DiakassaMLI05.07.04
6VAN MANEN AnokhaRSA21.02.02
8GUEHAM MarouaALG03.09.02
9HEBAL CeliaALG14.03.04
10GROBLER ChaumeRSA25.01.02
11WONAME Kelsey Victoria AfriyieGHA02.03.04
12ELSHAMY.A InourEGY01.03.05
13MALEK Leia RachaALG27.01.04
14MANE KhadidiatouSEN26.03.03
15DJIBA Seyni FatouSEN14.02.02